The centre of Lynton!

Ingleside is on the southern slopes of Hollerday Hill overlooking Lynton which is just a minutes' walk away. Across from the bottom of our steps is Lynton Cinema, the smallest cinema in Devon and boasts shows every night of the summer, and at the end of our driveway is the Arts and Crafts Centre, based in the old church, and is one of the finest in Devon. It has to be on your must see list! Next to the Arts and Crafts Centre is the Town Hall, built by Sir George Newnes and was opened in 1900 by dignitaries including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a truly magnificent building. It is a tudor-style building where weddings take place most weekends and the Farmers Market is held on the first Saturday of the month.

Lynton seems to be surrounded by hills, and as such has some wonderful weather patterns unique on the North Devon Coast. Lee Road runs through the centre of the village where there are tea rooms, restaurants, and a Tapas Bar to whet the appetite if looking for either a light snack or meals. There are currently two pubs offering refreshment and food. Queen street, part of the old village has a high quality Bistro, shops, and a charming olde world atmosphere. There are several gift shops, a post office, gallery @500ft, and plenty of things to see and do in this charming village. Once you have done the retail bit, go to St. Mary's churchyard and drink in the wonderful views.

Lyn and Exmoor Museum in Lynton

A charming museum in the centre of Lynton with collections of agricultural and domestic tools from Lynton and Exmoor. Also maritime, railway, and natural history. It has unique pictures of the Lynmouth Flood, and a Victorian dolls' house.

Housed in Lynton's oldest surviving domestic dwelling, it even includes its own ghost!

Lyn and Exmoor Museum
Lyn and Exmoor Museum housed in an 18th century cottage in Lynton
Lyn and Exmoor Museum
Lynton's Stocks
Lyn Valley Art & Crafts Centre, Lynton

Lyn Valley Art & Craft Centre

A well established and popular art and craft centre with original craftwork and paintings from local artists and craftsmen.

It can be found in the old Methodist Church, next to the town hall on Lee Road in Lynton. It is also about 1 minutes walk from Ingleside!

Lynton Cinema

Lynton Cinema

Lynton Cinema is also situated in the old Methodist Church and is acclaimed as one of the smallest cinemas in the country.

The private road leads up to Ingleside, which can be seen in the background, and our carpark.

More information about Lynton Cinema can be found here

Lynton Lynmouth Cliff Railway

Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway

"Sir George Newnes, the Richard Murdoch of his era was" . . . . continued here - A Truly Remarkable Journey! »

Lynton's Wild Goats - in the garden at Ingleside
Goats in our garden!

Lynton's Wild Goats

Wild feral goats have been a part of the Valley Of Rocks landscape on and off since Doomsday times. Wander along the valley and you will see these hardy beasts which are so adaptable they have made the bleak, windswept valley a thriving community home. They stand on the peaks, or balance precariously on the side of the cliffs searching for food, and I have seen one half way up a tree eating the leaves! Brought in to manage the landscape they will be here for decades to come to add colour and interest to the area.

Valley of Rocks, Lynton, North Devon

Valley of Rocks

One mile from Lynton is the Valley Of Rocks, so named because of its unique rocky nature. Steep cliffs 600 feet high lead down to the sea on one side and on the other rocky crags jut out with a flat expanse in the middle. It runs parallel to the coast and was once where the river met the sea. For centuries visitors have marvelled at the this eerie place with rocks having such names as "The Devils Cheesewring" and "The White Lady", and there is an ancient stone circle to add to this mystical place.

Hollerday Hill, Lynton

Hollerday Hill

At 800 feet Hollerday Hill is sandwiched between the Bristol Channel and Lynton, and Ingleside nestles on its' southern slopes. It is the site of an Iron Age Hill fort, the Cliff Top Railway, Sir George Newnes old mansion and has many miles of walks over it. The views from it are breathtaking, the wildlife is interesting, and it dominates the twin villages of Lynton and Lynmouth. Easy to walk round, it provides access to Lynton, Lynmouth and Valley Of The Rocks.

You may also like to see some of the views from Ingleside or have a look at some of the wonderful scenery in this part of North Devon in our Photo Galleries:

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